Coming Soon: New Track End Caps

Our new design for track end caps is nearly finalised. Moulded in rigid ABS plastic, the new caps will feature indentations on the back for attaching bracket clips as well as a loop for curtain hooks. We will also be colour matching to most of our Super 600 and Evo Track finishes. We expect to be moulding in March, but in the meantime we have plenty of prototypes so contact Justin if you would like to take a closer look.

Now Stocking: Lower Friction 2mm Cord

416 cord

The breaking strain (or ultimate tensile strength) of a curtain cord is rarely tested in a finished installation. The most important concern is friction, which is affected mainly by the width, material and plait count of a cord. Our local cord supplier, Whittam Ropes, are now manufacturing their 416 type 8-plait curtain cord without the polyethylene core to reduce friction in curtain operation.

Available Now: Improved Universal Pulleys


To improve the tensile strength and heat resistance of our new Universal Pulleys, we are now moulding with a high grade nylon composite. The metal content in these moulds lower the surface friction of the pulley, as well as giving it a distinctive colour.