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One Pulley for All Jobs

Kitset is now selling the Universal Pulley, one pulley for use in all of our tracks and rods. Made from a high grade nylon composite, the Universal Pulley is simple to install and drastically cuts down track assembly times. Please contact us now for samples.


In Stock: New Track End Caps

We have just received delivery of our new die set and are currently moulding new Track End Caps to work in conjunction with our Universal Pulleys. The end caps come with or without loops for curtain hooks and are being moulded to match most of our extrusion finishes. Please contact Justin for samples.


Available Now: Improved Universal Pulleys

To improve the tensile strength and heat resistance of our new Universal Pulleys, we are now moulding with a high grade nylon composite. The metal content in these moulds lower the surface friction of the pulley, as well as giving it a distinctive colour.